Saturday, May 25, 2013

I am still alive

It has been a while, but I am still here. I am riding the road bike more and taking a break from racing for a bit. I have abandoned any "real" training structure, but still maintaining a somewhat-if haphazard- attempt at keeping my overall fitness level up to snuff. Surprisingly, I am riding stronger than I ever have right now. I am mixing in my son's baseball schedule and my daughter's ballet schedule and my softball schedule with my riding time and it is working out nicely.

I recently landed a nice sponsorship from Hammer Nutrition as well. I am really psyched about this. I have been using there stuff for a while, but now I am really starting to understand the whole science behind the supplements. If you havent tried their stuff, give it a go. Also give them a call and tell them a little bit about yourself and maybe they will hook you up as well. They are great people to deal with.

I am racing the 12 hours of Cranky Monkey with my lovely teammate Liz again for another chance at a podium spot in the co-ed division; we took 3rd at Bakers. She recently old me she is ready for a singlespeed build up. Wait, I have to wipe the tears from my eyes and catch my breath. Ok, anyway things are going very well for me right now and I am aggressively going after certain segments to push my limits a bit more; with the help of my friend Bruce who is back to riding our shop ride on saturdays. I really enjoy riding with Bruce. He pushes me to ride harder and even though I dont always want to, I know it is good for me.

So real quick, our baseball team is now 3-3 after thursdays 8-1 victory over Rosedale. My son is having a crazy awesome season so far. He is 2-0 with 39 strikeouts in 15 innings and has allowed only 5 hits with 1 walk. He is batting a solid .300 with 12 stolen bases too. I am having quite the season myself-especially since I havent played since 2001. Thats right, an .857 average. I have only been playing every other week, and that is fine with me.

So, thats it right now. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going into Quantico.