Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Race season is a comin'

Well, it is finally here and this winter has been horrible for training, but still grinding my way through it.  Yeah, riding when it is 16° out doesn't do a whole lot for certain parts of the male anatomy (remember the Seinfeld episode with George and the pool)-yeah, like that. March 9th I will be heading to Patapsco with my female comrade Liz to endure 8hrs of cold and fun. This isn't our first race as co-eds, but our first as single speed teammates... Heck yes! It has taken me an entire year to get her to come to the dark side.

I expect this race will be a bit rough being so early in the year and with a lot of elevation; 1053 ft per 8.7 mile laps. Liz and I have done super awesome in our races-all podium finishes, so I expect nothing less from us. I am dying to get my leg over my new steed. Looks like my first ride will be tomorrow with Trace since the trails will be frozen after tonights 16° temps...oh joy. I can't wait for the nonsense to move on. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this year and see what this old body can still churn out on the monocog machine.
19lbs of shear beauty

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Power to the people

I knew that I didn't have the willpower to withstand the call of the wild. I mean, I really didn't see the purpose or even the remote possibility that this would be something that I should attempt. I have friends that use them and swear by them. I have read many reviews and articles on different types and pros and cons of each of them. Really, what can a 46 year old ss mountainbiker hope to gain from this? Well, I am not really sure. Numbers are awesome...performance numbers are even more
Numbers can be a bit sneery too, especially since they are true facts and figures; there is no hiding from them. Hear rate has been the mainstay for training forever. There are still athletes that use this, including myself. Yeah, I know about drift and all that hoopla, but it works and as you get older and know your body, I think it is still a great way (and the cheapest) to train. Sooooo, where does this lead to in terms of power meters and how it will fit into my training?

Well, since I am relatively new to this whole deal, I feel that the two of the can work together in perfect harmony and maybe even compliment each other. More later...

Ritchey P-29er Teaser Pt. 2

Well, here it is and I don't think I have been this excited about a bike in a long time. Here are some pics to dream to tonight.  It came in  a lot lighter than I thought (with heavy tires to boot). All told, 19lbs. When I switch to the newer tires, the bike will come in at 18lbs. 12oz. Thats what I am talking about. Frame weighs exactly what Ritchey's site claims - 4.75lbs. Welds are clean and the head tube work is awesome and uses drop in bearings. Anyway, enjoy.
Parts are as follows:
Bontrager RXL Wheels (DT Swiss Hubs)
Bontrager RXL Bar, stem and carbon saddle
Bontrager XXXL Seatpost
Bontrager RXL Grips
Bontrager XDX Tires
Niner Fork
Niner 18t cog
MRP Bling Ring 32t CR and Spider
Truvativ XO crank
Avid Elixir CR Carbon brakes
Shimano XTR CL Rotors
Crank Bros Eggbeater SL pedals

Friday, February 14, 2014

Something cool this way cometh

Just a teaser until it arrives next week...
I have always wanted a Ritchey frame ever since I saw my friend Kirby's P-23 from around 1994 or so. Of course, my hopes of ever riding one seemed hopeless until good ole' Tom made a 29er version of that beautiful rig and did it right with sliders. The frames weighs in at 4.73 lbs for a large...very nice. Just a run down on the parts- Niner carbon fork, Bontrager RXL (dt swiss) hubs, RXL bar and stem, RXL carbon saddle, XXXL seat post, XT brakes and cranks. All told, it should come in at around 20.5 lbs., maybe less.

It will get here just in time for race season to start and put it through its paces.