Thursday, February 20, 2014

Power to the people

I knew that I didn't have the willpower to withstand the call of the wild. I mean, I really didn't see the purpose or even the remote possibility that this would be something that I should attempt. I have friends that use them and swear by them. I have read many reviews and articles on different types and pros and cons of each of them. Really, what can a 46 year old ss mountainbiker hope to gain from this? Well, I am not really sure. Numbers are awesome...performance numbers are even more
Numbers can be a bit sneery too, especially since they are true facts and figures; there is no hiding from them. Hear rate has been the mainstay for training forever. There are still athletes that use this, including myself. Yeah, I know about drift and all that hoopla, but it works and as you get older and know your body, I think it is still a great way (and the cheapest) to train. Sooooo, where does this lead to in terms of power meters and how it will fit into my training?

Well, since I am relatively new to this whole deal, I feel that the two of the can work together in perfect harmony and maybe even compliment each other. More later...