Sunday, September 7, 2014

How much can you get for aluminum crutches at the recycling center?

Friday was the best day I have had in 4 weeks; good thing too, cause I was getting a bit looney. Originally the orthopedic doctor said at least 6-8 weeks for my recovery time, but friday the doc gave me the green light to begin light activities again. I was hoping that was the case, but you never know. 

I have been feeling much better during the course of the last few weeks, but sleeping was still uncomfortable. He basically said for me to listen to my body and take it in stride. Of course I asked him about riding. He said to ride easy if you can handle it, but again, be careful. What, me not careful? 

Well, it didn't take long for me to walk out of the doctors office without those stupid crutches, albeit a bit gimpy, but none the less liberated. Now, I can't dis my close friends too much, they did help me get around for 4 weeks. Unfortunately for them, they were the transition girl for me.

So decided that saturday would be the day to try my hand at straddling my faithful steed again. Wasn't quite sure what to expect, honestly I didn't expect to really ride too far. My friend Trace said that he would accompany me on first outing to experience the magic. I didn't plan on riding too far; just to stay out for an hour. It felt very strange to get on I have to say. I felt a little twitchy and unsure if I was ready for this or not. Off I went and for the first time, I was using that little 39t chainring and spinning away. I ended up with 12 miles and a trail blazing average speed of 11.4 mph! A good sign was my heart rate never got over 138. I was concerned that I would be red lining at 200 from not riding. 

I was relieved and a bit disappointed at the same time. I really thought getting back on the bike would bring this overwhelming sense of joy and accomplishment…but it really didn't. Don't get me wrong. I was happy as heck to be riding again, but not as happy as I would have thought. I suppose this feeling will go away once I can get back to riding and racing hard again. 

All in all I feel really good all things considered. I have been really tired, though. Even took a few naps here and there (which I never do). I lost lbs. in the last 4 weeks instead of my initial fear of gaining a lot of weight. That is a good thing.

Anyway, I went out today and pushed just a wee bit more and ended up with 12 miles at 16.6mph. No pain, just a bit of discomfort in the groin area. I am pretty optimistic about getting back to normal, but the doc did say that there is a good chance that I will always have a bit of pain in my hip and groin. I may have to practice my Kegels to strengthen my inner thigh muscles!