Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bontrager Evoke Saddles-Perfection

Saddles can make or break your ride. A good saddle not adjusted properly can result in a saddle leaving your hind quarters screaming for mercy. A bad saddle adjusted...well, is still a bad saddle. Everyone has there favorites, mine was my old Selle Italia Aspide saddles.
Minimalist padding, yet still very comfy and they had just the right contour.

2 years ago, Jon Rogers, my local rep gave me the RXL Inform saddle to try. I did like it, but it just didnt have that overall comfortable feel that the Aspide's had. The main gripe was the rear had those scrotum pinching devil's horns. It was meant to be a road saddle, but I am on the crew which means that I am allowed to stupid things without ridicule-ok, maybe a little. Earlier this year, I had been following blogs, news anything about the upcoming Evoke series saddles from Bontrager. Luckily, Mr. Rogers came through again and gave me one of the Evoke 3 Ti railed saddles. I immediately mounted it on my Superfly SS and went out.

A few quick specs on these saddles. They both are fully padded. I do mean more than enough cushion. Gone are the nut snatching horns as well. The Ti version comes in at 187 g's and the carbon is 134 g's. If you opt for the carbon version, you will need the 11x7 wing adapters for the post. It didnt take long for this to be the saddle I have been looking for. I immediately noticed a major improvement in the overall feel of the saddle. It is more ergonomic in terms of conforming to your sit bones than the previous offering. This saddle feels already broken in from the start. It has enough flex to make it feel like a subtle softail feel. The carbon version is a tad stiffer, but over the rougher stuff, it does gives a little extra spring to your caboose. I have yet to find myself "looking" for a differnt spot during rides. Just plant your arse and go on about your thang.

You cant go wrong with either one. There is a premium you pay fro the carbon version (199.99) over the 139.99 price of the Ti version, but 2oz. lighter is pretty cool. I give both of these saddle 5 chainrings. I loved them so much that I ended up getting one for each bike I own. If you keep up reading my crap, you know I have a few.

There is absolutely nothing I would change about these saddle, this is a perfect product in my opinion. Oh, one little thing; when your shorts get a bit wet, they do make a strange  sound which leaves others around you questioning last nights meal. Seriously, get one of these saddles and make your arse a happy camper.

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  1. I agree, these things rock. I've tried almost EVERY XC-oriented, race saddle out there and the Inform RXL saddle is nothing but high-tech perfection. I like the way Bontrager gave the rails a 12mm vertical thickness...yet will fit most carbon, standard 7mm seat clamps.