Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Been a good week so far

Tonight, just finishing up my first set of power intervals since going on vacation. I was a little concerned with my last interval session, which saw my HR only hit 173 and feeling really flat-flat as Kansas, baby. I hit 188 for may max which was a relief, albeit a painful one.

Schaeffer Farm Race #2 this saturday, so I feel a little better about it now. I have put 120 miles on the new Madone since last tuesday, so the longer road rides are paying off. Yet to decide what to ride this weekend, but leaning towards the Ferrous, due to the course being a little more technical. Finished 4th last year there. Last race gave me 35 points for the 3rd place finish.
Legs are feeling really good right now. All of the road rides have been in the 19.6 mph avg or above. Have yet to use the 39 tooth chainring or go above the 21 in the back. I hate to say the bike has made me stronger and faster, but it is my blog so...yes, the bike has a bit to do with my current level of fitness. I am down to 175, which is the lowest I have been since high school. I drink, maybe 2 sodas a week now; compared to last years 1 double big gulp a day.

Really excited to do the Shenandoah 100 this year as well. Dont know how I will fair, but the goal is to do a sub 10 hour race on the singlespeed.