Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crazy Month for Mileage

Well tonight ended my most miles in a month ever. I ended up logging 787 miles for january. I know, it isnt alot compared to some of you gear heads out there, but considering january of 2011, I did only 318. Now on e can come to two different conclusions here. One: Man, you are going to have a great base to build on or 2: Man you really wore yourself out in january. Eh, who knows. I do know that I just came back from a night road ride and turned in a 20.2 mph avg and staying in Z2 (156-164). I doubt I will have another month like this, so I will cherish it for now. 600-65- is a more realistic goal for me anyway. Over and out.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Riding for the Cure

No, not "the Cure", but hmmm...how would that look (dreamy, swirly dream music)
Beautiful, just beautiful
Yeah, I could get used to that look. Good thing I am already married. I dont think I have ever seen Robert smile, so I look more like hungover Phyllis Diller/Joan Rivers drag queen.

Anyway, I will be riding the polka dotted wardrobe for Adventures for the Cure; an non profit organization geared towards raising awareness of diabetes through...what else? Cycling!

Should be a very cool year. Many of the riders that I raced against in the past will now be teammates. So, now I am off to listen to on e of the greatest albums ever; The Cure's-Disintegration.

1st "real" road ride of the year

No, not the first road ride, but the first ride above 19mph, 19.4 to be exact. The wind kept it from being even better, but with last nights strength workout, it would have tougher to maintain. Good tempo ride with a 160 avg HR spending 1:46 out of 2:48 in Z3.

Still amazes me how well the Sram Red stuff works. I have 2,000 miles on it-with powerdome cassette that shows no sign of wear at all. MOst cassettes will show some signs after 1,000 or so. DI2? Blah. Ever had a sun roof on your car and it decided to stop working at the approach of a thunderstorm? Yep, remember when Rohloff was making the internal geared hub and everyone thought that the derailleur is done? Just some off the wall bantering.

First win of the year for Alex

Today the Little Kangaroos took the first game of the season. This game the points were a little more evenly distributed. They won 28-16 and Alex scored another 10 points, bringing the season total to 20. Aaron also scored 10 points as well. The team played great defense even the one of the kids' thought it was rugby and the coach did nothing to remind him. Of course, the mom thought it was ok to run from behind and tackle someone and let everyone know it. What is very cool about this league is that the kids wear matching wristband colors that correspond to the other child on the opposing team. It keeps the kids focused on where they need to be on the court. Anyway, going out for a nice ride soon and let Alex recoup!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Riding a Singlespeed Matters

Sure, I am a bit biased... and I would have to change my blog address if not for the simple fact that riding a singlespeed is still cool. I know that it seems as if the whole monocogging venture seems to have hit its peak and has now plateaued, but I am here to tell you NONSENSE!

Here is a few reasons why singlespeeding rocks the cycling world and has no room for girly men.

KISS, yes I do mean the band; 1976 saw KISS put out a pretty darn good album-Rock and Roll Over and one of the best covers of all time as well. On this particular album, there is a song titled Mr. Speed. I dont think I need to go into full detail, but I think that Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter rode Western Flyer singlespeeds and through very clever wording that was meant to make you think that this song was about women, nothing could be further fro the truth; ride on Mr. Speed... ride on.

Another reason is that most people cant spell derailleur; most commonly known as derailer, shifting mechanism, gear changer, gear mover, etc. If you cant spell it, it doesnt belong on the bike.

Weight, sure you could drop a few by staying clear of the golden arches, but why? Stay heavy and get rid of excess alloy and other metals and smile.

Finally, its just fun. Who doesnt like riding with a bunch of geared guys sounding like a bellows ready to explode and you singing "Im turning Japanese, I think Im turning Japanese I really think so." Yeah, beautiful.

So, I hope that I was able to clear some things up and hopefully convince you that singlespeeding does matter and if not, I wouldnt be able to right this blog now would I.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Not your average Monkey Ball

To the question of "What is a Monkey Ball?" Actually it is the seed from a Sweet Gum Tree. Not so sweet when you encounter them on the road with 700x23's.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

LT Test and Such

Well, I decided to do my LT test using the running method this year. Last sunday I did a 4.3 mile, 30 minute run and revealed-at least to me-pretty impressive numbers. For the entire run, I averaged 173bpm. When doing a "self" test, you take the last 20 minutes of the run, ride, swim, etc. and that gives you a good indication of you LTHR. Last year I figured on 176, this early in the year revealed that the average HR over the last 20 minutes was 178. I felt pretty good in that range. I felt as if I could sustain that pace for a bit longer, too.

Running is a good way to get this result, because I think it is easier to get to your max HR and keep it there. On the bike, you always have stop signs, driveways, etc. Even though I hate running, it is a nice break from cycling when the weather is not as nice.

Friday, January 20, 2012

It has been a Good Run

Well, It is official...the Trek 29er Crew will no longer be my home team. They have decided this year to focus on other areas of cycling, so they have decided to not have the team this year. So I will now be referred to as "the rider formally known as." You will address me as such or I will not acknowledge your existence. Anyway, I will still be sponsored by Bontrager and Trek, but in smaller fashion. I will be racing for the Adventures for the Cure team as my "official" team this year. Lots of fast guys and girls and also for a great cause. Not sure how I will look in polka dots-like a big measle?  How bout' a human figure shaped monochrome twister board?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyone knows it's Windy

What a stupid song, right? It was the only one I could think of to sum up todays 60 miles ride. If you have ever ridden in quicksand before; I am sure that you have, that is what it felt like today. Still managed to pull down 18.1 avg speed. I should hit 700 miles for the month of january I think. Last year I ended with 318 for the month.

I was blown off the road after hitting a mine field of monkey balls. Good thing the monkeys that owned them werent around. I fell into a nice wet, grassy spot. I am feeling good right now. Left leg isnt as bothersome as before, but still there-the issue and the knee.

Also got the word that the Trek 29er Crew may not happen this year-bummer! We shall see what transpires.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blake comes through for Bakers!

Yes, this just in-Blake Bricker and I will be doing a 2 man! He is a cool cat and old like me.

Monday, January 16, 2012

In for Bakers Dozen

Last year, the race sold out in 8 minutes; this year still 6 spots left 2 days later. Interesting. I was writing it off 1 hours ago, but the mom in law came through for me. So going it solo this year-singlespeed of course. I did it solo in 2010, and was in first after 11 laps and Pat Blair crashed out and disaster hit for me with a crazy stiff neck. So this year, I am looking for some pay back. 20 in the class so far, probably the final count this year, with 500 total racing for the day. Hopefully the weather will be a tad warmer than the last few years-we'll see.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nice Patapsco Ride and Alexs' first Basketball game

I finally got to meet up and ride with some good people today. Matt, Matt, Matt, Jon and Jay who all ride with AFC. It was about 26° when we headed out at 7am. Good news is that no discomfort or clicking in the knee today. Hit some steep stuff without a whimper-well my leg anyway. My ride was short today in order to get Alex to his first game of the season. Now, if you have ever watched 10 7-8 year olds on the court, it can hurt your eyes.

Alex and Nathan are the two kids that are the stand outs. Not to down the others, but some kids just "know" how to play and others are there because there parents want them to try something, which is great-more parents should get their kids out from behind the game console more often.

Last year, which was Alexs' first year, he did pretty good. It took him 8 games to score his first basket, but his defense was always good. Today, he scored 10 points and had 5 rebounds and 5 steals. They lost 22-18, but it was a great team effort and it boosted his confidence as well. He was named player of the game, so that garnered some Golden Arch fries and nuggets-yuk.

Anyway, all in all a great day. Good job son!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Signs of getting old?

Well, my knee issue seems to be getting a little worse. Today my left knee felt a little fatigued after my 30 mile trainer session last night and the clicking is still audible. I did some sleuthing around on the net and found some interesting possibilities on my geriatric situation.

What is plica syndrome in athletes? 

Plica syndrome is often characterized by anterior knee pain, which is most commonly found along the superomedial aspect of the knee. The “plica” is due to remnant embryological tissue that compartmentalizes the knee during fetal development. The plica is considered a “vestigial” structure, which means that it has lost its ability to function over time and does not functionally affect an individual whether it is present or absent. It has been likened to the appendix, which can be a source of pain but lacks significant important function.
Dont know for sure, but this seems to be it. I guess a doctors visit is in order. 

Promising Loch Raven Developments

Here is the latest on the Loch Raven Issue. Looks promising, but so did communism-just a thought.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just some random thoughts

Saturday, we had a 22 rider turn out for the Bike Doctor Shop ride. I missed it by 6 minutes or so; I commuted from home for the first time which added 22 miles each way plus the 30 for the shop ride. I tried to catch the faster group, but just couldnt close the gap. It was still great to have that many people come out. It shows what smaller shops can achieve by just getting out and supporting the the people who support you.

The loop takes you around BWI in a round about way, down to Patapsco and a few places in between. Some good climbs and good people.

This is what it is all about; not the fastest, strongest or the guy or gal who has the the most expensive stuff, its about just getting out and riding. Buuuut, riding with faster people will make you a faster rider as well-just thought I would throw that one out there.

Today I did my longest ride  so far-at least since keeping records. I have done 8 centuries, but that was years ago. It was a great day. Temps were not to chilly and finally the wind was not so bad either. Trying to get some good base stuff in. I found myself in some new places-Whitaker Mill and Singer road. They both have some climbs that I wasnt really looking to do today, but it is always good to get out and explore anyway.

The first 10 days of the year has seen more miles (almost) than all of january last year.
My left knee is developing a tick. It seems to be coming from inside the back part. It isnt painful, but I think it is affecting it in a negative way somehow. My leg feels very fatigued on that side and lacks power to a degree. I guess almost 20 years of tournament softball and diving Pete Rose style at everything will do that. It couldnt be the singlespeed thing-NO WAY! Years of grinding up hills with 32/18 gearing and being over 43 and...and...and.

Anyway, I am tired.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Great weather and a great ride

Today the temps here hit 60°. Perfect day for riding...the road anyway. The trails are still a bit soft; especially after todays thawing. Ended up commuting from my nephews house to the shop ride and back. All told 54.8 miles and 3 hours in the saddle. Legs are starting to feel a bit better, but still have this strange clicking in the back of my left knee. Seems to affect my pedaling a bit on that side; feels like I am not able to generate enough power. I will do an LT test some time this month, but no rush. Last year I hit 178-180 roughly; it is probably around 172-173 now. Some climbs feel a bit rough.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Cold Weather...Blahhhh

Well, it finally happened here in the mid atlantic region... winter. I love being spoiled by 50° days in december. Feeling like springtime; riding along and catching those faint warm pockets along the ride. You can almost hear the birds and grass grow and then WHAM! 30° comes outta no where! Your road rides ending up looking like Lloyd and Harry going through the Colorado Rockies with snot frozen to you your cheeks-though there are times where I would like to pee and warm up and...sorry.

I did a 1:00 trainer session tonight with the garage door open and the heater on; just to make believe I was somewhere nice and sunny. Eh...it didnt work, but thats ok; spring is just 3 months away. I hope I can achieve my goal of 6,000 miles this year before the Mayan's tell me it's lights out! It is a Goofy freikin' world we live in; let's be thankful there are cyclists to keep everyone sane!

Hmmm... End of time, or are they eluding to the fact that 108" wheels will someday rule the cycling world. Very clear to me.