Saturday, January 28, 2012

1st "real" road ride of the year

No, not the first road ride, but the first ride above 19mph, 19.4 to be exact. The wind kept it from being even better, but with last nights strength workout, it would have tougher to maintain. Good tempo ride with a 160 avg HR spending 1:46 out of 2:48 in Z3.

Still amazes me how well the Sram Red stuff works. I have 2,000 miles on it-with powerdome cassette that shows no sign of wear at all. MOst cassettes will show some signs after 1,000 or so. DI2? Blah. Ever had a sun roof on your car and it decided to stop working at the approach of a thunderstorm? Yep, remember when Rohloff was making the internal geared hub and everyone thought that the derailleur is done? Just some off the wall bantering.