Thursday, March 20, 2014

Now we just some pigs and all will be good

Ok, honestly in the 25 years of riding the off-road velocipede, I have never seen a winter like 2014 here in Maryland. A few years back, we had a monstrous 2 week dumping of the white crap that totaled 44" in two storms. Sure we have had more snow than others, but there was always a freeze that would allow for some frequent dirt excursions. Heck, there were times that I even enjoyed a break and hit the road dare I say,
but this year, yes this year has been what can best be described as a "caliginous cornucopia quagmire." Sorry, couldn't really put three words together that started with a q.

So anyway, I have been on the mtb 3 times in 3 1/2 months, I mean I change my underwear more frequently than that for pete sake. The above shot is how our trails here have looked for 95% of the season so far. How do you guys in Washington deal with this on a yearly basis? There were four races to start the march season and all have been postponed until the last weekend in march or the first week in april. We just had 8" of snow this past monday-just to add insult to injury. I finally get Trace to do some more off roaring ventures and ole man winter is not having any of that either.

I have been on the road and the trainer trying to sort this whole power meter thing out, so I haven't been slacking, but this weather has also thrown off my training for the second straight year. I was ready to go for the 8 hours of Patapsco, and the Snow Miser had other plans. Sugar Hill? Yep, Snowy brought more of that wet, cold white garbage again. All I can say is that we need more of his brother Heat Miser to put an end to this pig size smorgesboard. Am I complaining, I do believe I am. I have a beautiful new Ritchey SS just waiting to be raced and I am slowly losing motivation health points each day this goes on.

Why couldn't I have been born in Arizona or some other place that thinks snow is the 90's one-hit wonder rapper that spent more time in prison that on the charts-if only he had an Informer. That was bad…

Well, I am going to quit this writing and go sulk in the pit of despair along with my other dirt merchant friends who have had to call road biking their home. Over and out...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Just some good pics of a future star…maybe?

Thats my boy…

Alexs' final stats (in-house/travel team combined)

.387 avg.
21 doubles
2 home runs
36 runs scored
18 rbi's
32 stolen bases

0.84 era
36 innings
4 - 1 record
12 hits
62 strikeouts
5 walks
(1) no-hitter