Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cross Season at a Glance

Tacchino HR Zone Distribution
Ever wanted to do something so bad-and be decent as well-and it just doesnt quite come together? That is how my cross season has been so far. I cant quite figure out what is the issue(s). I am maintaining a 183 avg HR throughout my races, for 40+ minutes-which is 6 bpm over my threshold HR. Maybe lack of off road riding; only 2 since august.

Now, cyclocross isnt nor was meant to be "my" thing, but I am not a quitter, and I always go all out for whatever it is I am doing. I almost feel like I did a few years back in MT bike racing. I would become complacent and be ok with people passing me and not making efforts to re-pass at some point. This does concern me a bit. Starting so far back in the pack in a cyclocross race is almost a death certificate. Trying to fight your way up in such a short period of time is tough.

I am not used to not being in the top 5, so it is a little strange to be finishing 70th out of 120 or so, but this is cyclocross and there is nothing else like it. No other sport is as demanding for a specified time. You are required to redline the entire race, and you will do so right from the start wether you like it or not.

So, I will continue my quest to become mediocre at cyclocross and like it, unless of course my mountain bike attitude leads me elsewhere. Eh, maybe I am finally at the age were...gasp...I am just not cut out to be as good at this as the mountain bike thing.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charm City Cross

Just a few pics from todays race. Felt pretty good overall. 176 average Hr for 47 minutes. Not sure where I place, but being in the cat 1,2,3,4 race with no designation for cat groups, I figure top 60 out of 125. My son Alex finished 2nd in his race.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Tri or Try; that is the Question

Being a Moron allows for certain levels of experimentation. I mean, normal or sane folk are afraid to venture outside the box-or I prefer a dodecahedron, simply for the reason of the box has only four corner, which doesnt allow too much freedom when you are in the box.

So I have decided to do my first sprint tri. Yeah, I know... Anyway it consists of a 1/2 mile swim, 13 mile ride and 3 mile run, not too bad. I am pretty strong in all these areas, but never had to combine them all in a neat package. Got my wetsuit today, so I am ready to roll. In my head I tell myself finishing in the middle of the pack is cool, but my head isnt always thinking what I am. Go full out baby! It is in Gunpowder so 3 miles from my house gives me home field advantage, maybe? I did a 3.8 mile run today at a 7:12 pace, pretty decent for not running in 9 months.

I think I will look pretty buff in my wetsuit, though. My fear is that it will attract to much attention and cause a distraction to me and others. So my thoughts are to get some bubble wrap and stuff it every wear so as to look as if cellulite rules my world; then, like a sleeper car just dominate and give Richard Simmons all the glory. I will post some pics of me before hand. Over and Out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Has it come to this?

Yes it has. I just finished eating...3 "gourmet" hot dogs, now mind you, I havent had a hot dog since...hmmm the Orioles went to the playoffs-you do the research. Each one has 20g fat, thats 60 grams for 3! I dont even feel guilty, ok a little-I am about to get on the trainer to make myself feel all warm and fuzzy again. Over and Out.

Monday, September 5, 2011

First Time for Everything

Well today I found myself in a club that I thought I would never be a member of; the 20+mph club. Today I did my usual Western Run loop, but added an extra 5 miles and 1000 feet of elevation. I felt ok at first, but felt really good at the end. Funny thing about fitness levels, no matter how good you feel, you still have to work through the pain and suffering. Whether its 15mph avg or 20, its all relevant in my book. I finished with a 20.7 average, which blew away my previous attempt at 19.9 with less climbing.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Its been such a long time...

Yeah, I would have some underwear thrown at me lookin this fly
I love Boston. Shame Brad Delp decided that no one else should hear him sing again, or that they never gave me a shot at being the drummer. I look good in an afro. Anyway, It has been 29 days since I last straddled my trusty SS; since Schaeffer Farm to be exact.

Nice Patapsco ride today. 10.7 average speed; not bad for some slightly rusty mtb skills. Really good power output. Felt kinda dead the first 4-5 miles, glad I got over it. Last mtn race of the season next weekend at FH. Gonna hit the road some more to get some enduro stuff in.