Friday, September 16, 2011

Tri or Try; that is the Question

Being a Moron allows for certain levels of experimentation. I mean, normal or sane folk are afraid to venture outside the box-or I prefer a dodecahedron, simply for the reason of the box has only four corner, which doesnt allow too much freedom when you are in the box.

So I have decided to do my first sprint tri. Yeah, I know... Anyway it consists of a 1/2 mile swim, 13 mile ride and 3 mile run, not too bad. I am pretty strong in all these areas, but never had to combine them all in a neat package. Got my wetsuit today, so I am ready to roll. In my head I tell myself finishing in the middle of the pack is cool, but my head isnt always thinking what I am. Go full out baby! It is in Gunpowder so 3 miles from my house gives me home field advantage, maybe? I did a 3.8 mile run today at a 7:12 pace, pretty decent for not running in 9 months.

I think I will look pretty buff in my wetsuit, though. My fear is that it will attract to much attention and cause a distraction to me and others. So my thoughts are to get some bubble wrap and stuff it every wear so as to look as if cellulite rules my world; then, like a sleeper car just dominate and give Richard Simmons all the glory. I will post some pics of me before hand. Over and Out.