Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cross Season at a Glance

Tacchino HR Zone Distribution
Ever wanted to do something so bad-and be decent as well-and it just doesnt quite come together? That is how my cross season has been so far. I cant quite figure out what is the issue(s). I am maintaining a 183 avg HR throughout my races, for 40+ minutes-which is 6 bpm over my threshold HR. Maybe lack of off road riding; only 2 since august.

Now, cyclocross isnt nor was meant to be "my" thing, but I am not a quitter, and I always go all out for whatever it is I am doing. I almost feel like I did a few years back in MT bike racing. I would become complacent and be ok with people passing me and not making efforts to re-pass at some point. This does concern me a bit. Starting so far back in the pack in a cyclocross race is almost a death certificate. Trying to fight your way up in such a short period of time is tough.

I am not used to not being in the top 5, so it is a little strange to be finishing 70th out of 120 or so, but this is cyclocross and there is nothing else like it. No other sport is as demanding for a specified time. You are required to redline the entire race, and you will do so right from the start wether you like it or not.

So, I will continue my quest to become mediocre at cyclocross and like it, unless of course my mountain bike attitude leads me elsewhere. Eh, maybe I am finally at the age were...gasp...I am just not cut out to be as good at this as the mountain bike thing.