Sunday, October 2, 2011

Run-Bike-Run and a 2nd place finish

The sign says it all
Ok, I have been known to do some dumb things in my time. Some of which I am actually proud of. I thought one of the dumbest things I was in line for was doing this Tri thing. Well, it ended up being a run/bike/run thing due to the water quality. So here how my training went down...ready? 3 runs since may of 1987, all of which came in last 3 weeks totaling 10 miles. The bike thing is just , well the bike thing-right in the middle of cyclocross, which incidentally hasnt really been going well anyway. So as you can see, I was well equipped for failure. Ah, but alas, you seem to forget that I am clothed in the latest fashions from the Trek 29er Crew. I do believe the kit does possess certain superhero powers.

Comear dang shoe
So on with the details. 1.5 mile run 13.1 ride and 3.5 run. Yeah, running sucks. I hate it.  So off we went at 8am. I started at the front not having any clue on how to pace myself. Funny, I feel pretty good. Turned in a 6:15 and good enough for 7th at that point overall and 1st in the 40-44 cat. The transition area looked like Woodstock after the rains came. CYCLOCROSS!

Got off in a decent time of 34 seconds. On to the bike. Now, if you have never attempted one of these things, let me advise you on something. You may claim to be a great rider or runner, but now you have to put all together in a tidy package. I still felt pretty darn good. I was keeping a 22.1 pace throughout the ride portion and turned in the 7th overall fastest time and 2nd in the group. I of course was riding the "Mad-one" and it performed as expected. The roads were wet, but everything stayed put, so after a 51 second transition, it was back out for the 3.5 mile run. This is what I dreaded. I didnt know how I would feel after the ride, but much to my surprise, I felt really good. 1st place was 20 yards in front the whole time. I ended up turning in a 7:05 pace for the last leg and just couldnt catch number one which ended up being 3 seconds ahead.

 I ended up 2nd in the 40-44 group and get this...5th overall with a 1:08:11! I will have to say this was the best time I have had this year at any race. I did well, stayed strong and managed to do something I would have never thought I would have. This certainly wont be the last time for one of these. So a strange, but 2nd place finish for the Crew and a 5th overall out of 132!