Monday, January 2, 2012

Cold Weather...Blahhhh

Well, it finally happened here in the mid atlantic region... winter. I love being spoiled by 50° days in december. Feeling like springtime; riding along and catching those faint warm pockets along the ride. You can almost hear the birds and grass grow and then WHAM! 30° comes outta no where! Your road rides ending up looking like Lloyd and Harry going through the Colorado Rockies with snot frozen to you your cheeks-though there are times where I would like to pee and warm up and...sorry.

I did a 1:00 trainer session tonight with the garage door open and the heater on; just to make believe I was somewhere nice and sunny. didnt work, but thats ok; spring is just 3 months away. I hope I can achieve my goal of 6,000 miles this year before the Mayan's tell me it's lights out! It is a Goofy freikin' world we live in; let's be thankful there are cyclists to keep everyone sane!

Hmmm... End of time, or are they eluding to the fact that 108" wheels will someday rule the cycling world. Very clear to me.