Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nice Patapsco Ride and Alexs' first Basketball game

I finally got to meet up and ride with some good people today. Matt, Matt, Matt, Jon and Jay who all ride with AFC. It was about 26° when we headed out at 7am. Good news is that no discomfort or clicking in the knee today. Hit some steep stuff without a whimper-well my leg anyway. My ride was short today in order to get Alex to his first game of the season. Now, if you have ever watched 10 7-8 year olds on the court, it can hurt your eyes.

Alex and Nathan are the two kids that are the stand outs. Not to down the others, but some kids just "know" how to play and others are there because there parents want them to try something, which is great-more parents should get their kids out from behind the game console more often.

Last year, which was Alexs' first year, he did pretty good. It took him 8 games to score his first basket, but his defense was always good. Today, he scored 10 points and had 5 rebounds and 5 steals. They lost 22-18, but it was a great team effort and it boosted his confidence as well. He was named player of the game, so that garnered some Golden Arch fries and nuggets-yuk.

Anyway, all in all a great day. Good job son!