Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Everyone knows it's Windy

What a stupid song, right? It was the only one I could think of to sum up todays 60 miles ride. If you have ever ridden in quicksand before; I am sure that you have, that is what it felt like today. Still managed to pull down 18.1 avg speed. I should hit 700 miles for the month of january I think. Last year I ended with 318 for the month.

I was blown off the road after hitting a mine field of monkey balls. Good thing the monkeys that owned them werent around. I fell into a nice wet, grassy spot. I am feeling good right now. Left leg isnt as bothersome as before, but still there-the issue and the knee.

Also got the word that the Trek 29er Crew may not happen this year-bummer! We shall see what transpires.