Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Riding a Singlespeed Matters

Sure, I am a bit biased... and I would have to change my blog address if not for the simple fact that riding a singlespeed is still cool. I know that it seems as if the whole monocogging venture seems to have hit its peak and has now plateaued, but I am here to tell you NONSENSE!

Here is a few reasons why singlespeeding rocks the cycling world and has no room for girly men.

KISS, yes I do mean the band; 1976 saw KISS put out a pretty darn good album-Rock and Roll Over and one of the best covers of all time as well. On this particular album, there is a song titled Mr. Speed. I dont think I need to go into full detail, but I think that Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter rode Western Flyer singlespeeds and through very clever wording that was meant to make you think that this song was about women, nothing could be further fro the truth; ride on Mr. Speed... ride on.

Another reason is that most people cant spell derailleur; most commonly known as derailer, shifting mechanism, gear changer, gear mover, etc. If you cant spell it, it doesnt belong on the bike.

Weight, sure you could drop a few by staying clear of the golden arches, but why? Stay heavy and get rid of excess alloy and other metals and smile.

Finally, its just fun. Who doesnt like riding with a bunch of geared guys sounding like a bellows ready to explode and you singing "Im turning Japanese, I think Im turning Japanese I really think so." Yeah, beautiful.

So, I hope that I was able to clear some things up and hopefully convince you that singlespeeding does matter and if not, I wouldnt be able to right this blog now would I.