Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Race season is a comin'

Well, it is finally here and this winter has been horrible for training, but still grinding my way through it.  Yeah, riding when it is 16° out doesn't do a whole lot for certain parts of the male anatomy (remember the Seinfeld episode with George and the pool)-yeah, like that. March 9th I will be heading to Patapsco with my female comrade Liz to endure 8hrs of cold and fun. This isn't our first race as co-eds, but our first as single speed teammates... Heck yes! It has taken me an entire year to get her to come to the dark side.

I expect this race will be a bit rough being so early in the year and with a lot of elevation; 1053 ft per 8.7 mile laps. Liz and I have done super awesome in our races-all podium finishes, so I expect nothing less from us. I am dying to get my leg over my new steed. Looks like my first ride will be tomorrow with Trace since the trails will be frozen after tonights 16° temps...oh joy. I can't wait for the nonsense to move on. Anyway, I am really looking forward to this year and see what this old body can still churn out on the monocog machine.
19lbs of shear beauty