Friday, February 14, 2014

Something cool this way cometh

Just a teaser until it arrives next week...
I have always wanted a Ritchey frame ever since I saw my friend Kirby's P-23 from around 1994 or so. Of course, my hopes of ever riding one seemed hopeless until good ole' Tom made a 29er version of that beautiful rig and did it right with sliders. The frames weighs in at 4.73 lbs for a large...very nice. Just a run down on the parts- Niner carbon fork, Bontrager RXL (dt swiss) hubs, RXL bar and stem, RXL carbon saddle, XXXL seat post, XT brakes and cranks. All told, it should come in at around 20.5 lbs., maybe less.

It will get here just in time for race season to start and put it through its paces.