Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Final MTB Results

Not bad overall. Had some cramping issues, but was able to find the source-lack of magnesium. I think I peaked too early this year and the mid season was lack luster.

Snot Cycle-11th Singlespeed
AFC Sugar Hill-7th Singlespeed
Mass Fair Hill-1st Singlespeed
Bakers Dozen-9th Singlespeed-Left after 11 laps/7 hours and 1st place
9 Hours of Cranky Monkey-14th Singlespeed
12 Hours of Cranky Monkey-2nd Singlespeed
Fair Hill Classic-19th Singlespeed-Should have been called the Flat Tire Festival
Wakefield-6th Singlespeedin' with the geared guys
Schaeffer Farms-4th Singlespeedin' with the geared guys
Fountainhead-3rd Singlespeedin' with the geared guys
Cranky Monkey Series-4th Overall with 88 points