Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gearin' Up for Sugar Hill

Since the rains delayed my first "real"race of the season last week, this saturday is looking great. Temps to get to 70° (awesome considering the SS guys kick off at noon, so we will get the full force of the warmth!) Mt new Trek 29er Crew kit arrived today and looks fab-a-lisssssssss with a Z SNAP! Also got word that the new Superfly fframes are in for the Crew as well. Will be getting that within a few weeks. As of today, there are 24 in the SS expert class. 23.5 miles with 6000 ft total elevation. WHO RAHHH!
Training has been going very well. I feel pretty good right now. Sometimes it's really hard to tell how you "really" feel, though. I have been hitting the intervals pretty hard as of late. Last night was my first long interval session and it was pretty brutal. 3 minutes @ 176+ HR and 3 off. 2 sets of 3 x 3's. HR got to 190. A little dissapointed it didnt get higher, but I was able to maintain a pretty steady power output throughout.
Intervals are brutal, but pay off
My routine this time of year starts progressing into more intensity work and less volume. I will still get 120+ miles per week, though.

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