Monday, June 27, 2011

Quantico Recap and training does get results

This is just a simple entry on how training can really make a difference. Oh, the RIGHT training. Not my half a#! attempt in 2010, but my new half a#! for 2011! Last year at Quantico, I thought I felt pretty good, turning in 1:11:50, 58:25, 1:03:41, 1:04:54 and 1:05:51. I was really hoping to get more sub hours than that, but at the time I thought this was great. It was good enough for 2nd place in the duo male 80+ cat. We did 10 laps last year in 11:11:32.

This year I took a different approach and teamed up with my 17 year old friend Will. This of course moved us to the duo male open-no more old folks class. This years times were beyond what I envisioned. 49:53, 52:43, 55:11, 58:08, 1:00:07 and 1:05:31. We also completed 12 laps in 11:17-2 more laps in just 6 minutes. All told 1st place.

So my training, although not geared toward endurance racing has really shown me that gettin older doesnt mean you aint gonna get faster. If you guys and gals are in your 40's find a plan that works and stick to it, you will improve.