Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ride with Alex and tomorrow's Iron Hill Challenge

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Today, my son Alex and I decided to head for a great day of riding. He doesnt look as excited as me, though. Loch Raven, oops did I say a dirty word? Yeah, if you don't know, a few clowns in power in the city have decided that mountain biking at the Loch is having adverse affects on the water supply and it is also a "homeland security" issue-WHATEVER! Anyway, we rode anyway. He has really progressed as a rider. 7 years old and he can climb like a mountain goat. Downhills-eh, another story; like father like son. We ended up with 6 miles and 776 feet of climbing. He loves his Fisher Precaliber SS and it loves him.

Tomorrow is the Iron Hill Challenge in Newark Delaware, so today was a nice departure from the norm. Never been there so could be interesting.