Monday, July 25, 2011

Back into Training and getting my new Madone 4.7

Yep, vacations do have a way of driving a wrench in the cog of your training schedule. After yesterdays race, I finally got back on the trainer for some easy zone 1 spinning.

Since my lovely accident, I have used the insurance money to get a brand spanking new Madone 4.7 with Sram Rival drivetrain. I love Sram stuff. The Double Tap does take a few rides to get used to, but becomes second nature after that. Or is it first nature? Eh, who cares. I will be taking it on its maiden voyage tomorrow morning-shame I dont have a bottle of champagne to break across the head tube. I did put some nice Bontrager goodies on it just because. All told it comes in at 16.1 lbs, not bad at all. My Fisher AR Super was 17.7, so a pound and a half savings. Had do get rid of the white wheels, though-bleeeek!

I know I am the SS Moron, but I will give a basic overview of this beauty tomorrow after my ride.