Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cars don't make good cushions

Well, this spot is normally reserved for my annual trip to the Tsali Trail network. This blog is going to be dedicated to the kind folks who came to my aid after being struck by a car.

Bryson City, NC is a small, small town in the beautiful mountains near the Tsali trail network. This day, though I was doing one of my road rides to my friend Andy and Diane who own Bryson City Bicycles. I was just about 600 yards from the store when I was hit by a 71 year old man in front of the IGA grocery store. Now, if any of you have had the misfortune of being hit, you know the feeling of time slowing down. I mean I had enough time to see that he wasnt stopping, think quick enough to try and throw myself on the hood of his Taurus. Once I knew he had hit me and I was on the ground, I thought far enough ahead to get back up as quick as possible because he still kept moving a bit.

Funny thing was, once I confronted him, he still had this notion that he hadnt really hit me! Luckily for me, the great people of this town rushed over to me, called the police and ambulance all within 2 minutes. Joan was the lady who made all of the calls and drove me back to our cabin 17 miles away. The guys at IGA were equally as helpful. They caught the footage and gave it to me. There were 9 people who came to help me. I have to say, up here, I would be lucky to get one. The police, bystanders all were just too kind and just an amazing group of people.

The driver admitted to looking at his parking spot and not even looking up the road at me. Lucky for him, he hit a cyclist and not another car or truck. People, when you are riding on the road, dont trust anyone. I saw what was going to happen and was able to think in time. Thanks again to all of the folks in Bryson City for being...well good people.