Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting ready for the Wakefield Race

This weekend is the first race of the 3 race series for The Cranky Monkey. After last weeks up front and personal experience with the large 4 wheeled object, I am still a little sore. Had a semi nice ride today aboard that geared widget Superfly Elite. It was a little strange, but it did ease some of the pain.

I have never finished higher than 6th here for some reason. It is the easiest of the 3 races, but it has never been good to me. This year looks to be a different story, if the year so far is any indication. Last year I finished 4th overall in points with 88 racing SS in the geared class. This year will be in the SS open class. If you have never done the EX2 stuff, do it. Jim and his crew put on the best races by far.