Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blowin' Out the Pipes at Patapsco

Today...well this week was supposed to be a rest week for me. So averaging 11 mph and get the HR above 185 wasnt the smartest thing to do. Eh, I was feeling good and OH, forgot to mention; have a Niner carbon fork on the Supafly and today was the first ride. In a nut shell, it is a full one pound lighter (532 g's)than my Switchblade (955 g's)-bringing the total weight to...17lbs. 12 oz., my Fisher road bike was heavier than that! Anyway, I attacked some climbs at Patapsco that I would not normally put huge efforts into this time of year, but new toy requires testing. It tracks very well and is surprisingly forgiving. Not going to go into alot of details, but the only thing that was an issue was the headset loosing up due to the compression plug-all fixed now.

It Lives up to its Name
Soapstone-aka little heart attack is one of the steepest climbs at the park-some parts are 17-23% with roots and 200ft of elevation in 1/4 mile. I wasnt going to go full out, but the fork was beckoning me to thrust my 182lb frame into the bowels of the beast...nevermind. Out of the saddle, it did not stray off line. No torsional flex whatsoever. I will give a more detailed review later on, but for now, if you are riding a rigid fork and want the best, this could be it.