Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Ride with the AFC guys

Today marked the 2nd time out on the Superfly SS with the Niner fork. I would like to say that all is well and I didnt spend 54 minutes in the parking lot with the help of Double Matts and Jay trying to remedy the perpetual knocking headset, or spending a ridiculous amount of time on our hands and knees trying to locate the spring that holds the compression pieces together on the plug...but I cant. Soooo, I rode 18 miles with a loose headset. Other than that, the ride was great. Riding with those guys is a great time. Not too serious and just the right amount of suffering. I did take my first digger in a long, long time; busted up the left knee-yeah, the one with the click. Bike is good, so I am good. I did ride harder than I was supposed to (in zone 5 for 28 minutes), but Mr. Lins seemed to enjoy that. It is a tad bit harder to be as efficient on the SS than the geared thing for sure. That would have been a better choice for todays ride, I think-WHAT! Did he say what I thought he said? I did. Hey, the Superfly 100 has 112 miles on it and my other SS combined have 2500, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. I have always wanted to use that expression and now...probably wasnt worth the wait. So go out and ride and keep those shorts up.