Saturday, March 10, 2012

Feelin pretty rough today

Today was the first Bike Doctor Shop/AFC team ride in a while for me, and man was it a winner. Quick run down. Drive 35 minutes and get ready. Adam, Pat, Bruce and Jon-along with 20 others-had a nice warm up ride from the park and ride to the shop. Lets start off at a 22 mph pace for 10 miles ! OUch. The wind was brutal and I wasnt feeling all that great trying to maintain that insane pace. I struggled, but kept within 10 seconds of the immortals. We finally settle down after a pretty nasty crash in the group. Everybody was good-albeit the bikes were a little bad off. The pace "slowed" to a 18.6 mph pace-whew...glad for that break! I ended up doing 40 miles overall and legs are feeling pretty rough. Gotta take it a little easy for Sugar Hill this week. Over and out!