Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Feeling a bit better

Well today was my first attempts at "real" hill repeats in a month. After pushing hard on yesterdays ride, I wasnt sure what to expect. I was surprised at the results.
I was very consistent with time, speed and HR-almost perfect. My times were very close to my previous best efforts in march. I was able to push a 53x17 gear on a 3.2 % grade climb (long repeats) and 53x21 on the 12.8% short repeats. These were all done while standing. If you had read any of my previous banterings on SS specific workouts, you know that hills are the key to your success. They suck, I know, but this is where we have the advantage over those girly men geared guys! Seriously, if you want to be competitive or at least a stronger rider overall, fit these into your schedule; but remember, if you cant maintain your power or cadence levels around 10% or so, stop the workout; you wont get any benefits from a workout that doesnt push your limits without pushing your limits to the limit ????-makes sense to me.