Saturday, June 16, 2012

Feeling the Power Again

This past week, I have really shown great improvements in my recovery; especially with climbs. Thursday I rode Patapsco for the first time since April and I felt really good; unfortunately, the trails are still a bit rough from some storms that blew in a few weeks ago. I had great power and took back one of the hardest climbs at the park-Reggies Demise. With a 13.8% avg grade, this one is a tough cookie. The fact that it is a loose gravel fire road climb doesnt help. The overall ride was a respectable 10.7 mph avg on the Ferrous 32/18. I am putting out some really good power numbers as well. The HR is starting to come down and I have better sustained power.

Today I was really put to the test at the Bike Doctor Shop ride. There are some super fast guys that come out for this every week. 6 of them from our AFC team. It is the first time in a month that I decided to test my fitness level. As usual, there isnt any warm up-just go. We averaged 23.2 mph for the first 10 miles...and I was actually doing some of the pulls! The first test for the climbs was Dunkin Donuts, my previous best was 18.1 mph. Today, not only did I shatter that with a 20mph effort, but passed 5 people on the way up-great sign. I recovered well and it was off to the next test-Race road climbs. My previous best there was a 19.3mph effort at 3:13. Today ripped it by 13 seconds and ended with 20.7 mph speed. Again, recovered fairly well.

Overall, I ended up with a 20.5 mph avg over 29.2 miles and 1700 feet of climbing and 3 pulls at the front.Today was one of the best rides I have had in a long time. It felt good to get out and stay in the front and lead pack. Most of all, it is good to have my climbing legs almost back to normal. Actually, they are feeling better than they did earlier this year. I cant wait to see what the rest of the race season is going to throw at me.