Thursday, January 31, 2013

Its a Wrap

So, thus ends another january of base miles with a dash of effort. I really tried to stick to my guns this year and get as many "true" E2 base miles as possible.

What makes this such a strange, yet successful january is that of 727 miles, 690 came on the road. I usually mix in more mtn rides which ends up not staying in Z2 which leads me to gradually scoot away from my training plan. So of the 37 rides, only 2.5 were dirt ventures (One was a partial road/mtn deal). 

I have to say that I am feeling really good now. I have seen my hr level out a bit and not staying above the clouds for the entire ride. Another curious note; 20 achievements on Strava all came by way of the tarmac. Last year I had 15, 11 of which were dirt oriented. Since joining the Chesapeake Wheelman, I have been talking with those in the club about doing a few road races this year along with a couple TT's. I know, dont hold that against me; age is starting to play mean tricks on my mind. 

Ok, so 45 isnt exactly the young stud when it comes to cycling, but I think my trend of getting faster as I get older will continue-at least for the near future. I did notice something that I am not accustomed to-slow recovery after a race. Yep, it took me a good 3 days to feel good after saturdays mud fest. Now, the being the conditions were a little more extreme than usual had a bit to do with recovery I'm sure, but still not ready for that phase yet. May have to do some fancy manipulation with the training schedule, but all will be fine.

Anyway, enough mindless banter and off to nighty night.