Saturday, March 16, 2013

No Race, but a day of fun with the kids

Well, the AFC Sugar Hill Race was postponed for a chance of rain which never occurred. It really sucks because this was my taper week for this race now it is sort of screwed up. I was ready and looked to claim another podium spot. I was really dying to ride today, so I gave the kids a choice of a hike or bike; they chose wisely!

We headed out to Gunpowder to check out the trails and take some pics. It is the first time this year I have had them both on the trails together. I figured this would add some competition to the ride-I am so sneaky. It is funny to watch these two together; they are very competitive with each other, especially when I praise one. Before I get a chance to praise the other, they try to out do the others' praise-hilarious.

Gunpowder is a great place to take kids to ride. It is nice rolling doubletrack and singletrack. It does have rocks and roots in spots, so you have to be careful. I have to say, I wasnt expecting them to do as well as they did, but they rocked that trail today. I was really proud of both of them. I never forget to tell them either-they eat it up.

We ended up doing 8 miles in 1hr and 11 minutes-not to bad. What was most important was they had fun and we spent another great day outside (not in front of a computer or tv).

Note to parents-it is never too late to get out with your kids. They will grow up before you know it and you dont want to be that parent that says "I wish...".

I love the fact that like to ride. Not just ride, but ride the trails and see how much fun it is. We take a lot of breaks to check out the scenery (something I dont get a chance to do on my training rides) and learn a little bit about each other too.

So, race cancelled, but it couldnt have been a better day. A day with the Bug and P-zero; yeah, nicknames-dont ask. I have 3 kids, but one is all growed up and bike riding is not on her to do list, but thats ok-she is still a super cool artistic kid. One day I will get her out there. I will have to play the guilt trip on her or something.

It really doesnt get any better than this now does it?