Saturday, July 20, 2013

The ultimate convertible...the only way to see the Smokies

I am not much of a photographer. I dont claim to take a picture because of its relationship to the negative and positive space. I dont make something out of an image that doesnt exist. I take pictures as just a simple memento of any time spent in a given place at a moment in time.

When I am on my bike, I normally dont carry a camera, but on very rare
occasions (you would have a better chance of catching me walking around my house nude while vacuuming and cleaning while listening to The Cars Greatest Hits...wait, something sounds vaguely familiar about that) I do break one out.

I found a new "playground" for my Ferrous this year. I nice little fireroad that just happens to be the longest and steepest off road section in the Carolinas-lucky me, eh? Words cant describe it, so here is the elevation chart.
As you can see, you get tall real quick. Now, since this blog is about my misadventures on the ss, it must be noted that 90% of the time, I was standing; Which isnt bad until you realize that 90% of the time you are standing.

These climbs had an average grade of 8.3%...bleek! Thats right fun indeed. I did manage to get my first HC climb out of this mess, though. The great thing about climbing these mountains is the view you get from the top. Ahhh yes, it is indeed worth it. It managed to rain the first time I went up, but I got lucky the second time around, yes as if once wasnt enough. The gravel grinder takes you to the top of the Blue Ridge Parkway were you see some amazing views.

Of course, a 14 miles climb means only one thing...a 14 miles decent. Now, normally this would be a blast, but this is a forest access road which means there is the occasional truck or car coming up the mountain, so you have to be super careful around the multiple 180° turns. I think I even unclipped and did a few little classic MT Tam drifts on the corners.

I will leave you with one last pic from Mingo Falls. I took this standing right underneath it. These are amazing falls. We hikes up to the top on what could be best described as unclimbable trails that were near vertical.

This is my home away from home. I cant imagine going anywhere else, nor do I need to. One day, this will BE home.