Saturday, August 16, 2014

One Week Down…? to Go

It has been one week and the pain is less prevalent now, but still lets me know that it is with me.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon on wednesday and he gave me some interesting news about my injury.

He basically told me the fracture was not from the impact (what?), but my Piriformis muscle (the muscle that is attached to the Greater Trochanter, is so strong that it actually broke the bone and pulled it away; which also cause the muscle to tear a bit. He also said that because this muscle is so strong, that it prevented the complete fracture of my upper femur. Hurray for strong muscles, eh?

This explains why it hurts like bleep when I make any sudden movements to the inside or outside. So basically I just sit and wait for this thing to heal up. The real bad news is that I will miss the entire Cranky Monkey series and the first CX race of the season-Charm City Cross…ugh. I guess, judging by what the doc said, it could have been a heck of a lot worse. I do have a great wife to take care of me and I can't ask for anything more than that, but she better be prepared for the next few weeks and dealing with a cyclist used to riding everyday and is wild mood swings! Anyway, good luck to those racing in the upcoming month or so and remember to stay single and ride rigid!