Tuesday, November 11, 2014

CX Race or CXing the Line

Well it has been 2 years since my last official cx race. Dont know why it has been that long, but I have decided to give it a shot. It will be my first race on the SS CX as well. My biggest concern is trying to mount and dismount my trusty steed. My hip feels great, but I dont have the range of motion I had before. I am a bit nervous too. CX races are a whole different breed. I feel pretty good, but really havent been tuning the body to go through this either. I think what always worries me about cx races are the fact that they are basically flat. I dont like flat. Despite being 186lbs., I am a climber, not a flatter. All of my races in the past have been on geared cx bikes, so maybe this will be my Phoenix rising; probably not.

It will be the first official race on the Raleigh Furley as well. I have it set up 39x20 on a fairly flat, but technical course. I am running old school Michelin Wildgripper tires too (love how the green tires clash with the baby blue color). I am looking forward to racing cx again, but I dont race these to gain podium spots, but just to have some fun and push myself to the brink of a self induced coma.

So, onward to this weekend with a bit of apprehension and a whole lotta fun with the family.

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