Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nice Long Road Ride

I finally got off the trainer and on some pavement. Nothing spectacular, but a 50 miler from Middle River to Fallston and back. Kept my HR below 180 and there are some pretty steep ones along the way.

 Now, I don't know if have ever ridden the "bike lane" along Pulaski Highway. I assume that a  non-cyclist politician was to blame for this. You could start your own Sanford and Son business with what you find and sometimes run over on the shoulder. I envy cyclists from Virginia. Somebody has it right down there. They dont convert roads to paths-they create paths for people to ride; amazing concept. If anyone who is involved with the highway administration reads this-get on the ball. Anytime you have to venture out into 55+ mph traffic to get past a bridge or avoid cars on your bike, translates into a potential hazard. Over and Out!