Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why I am a Moron

Just look at this screenshot. 30.54 miles on the indoor trainer. So you ask why? Why arent you on the road bike getting your miles in? Well, it's simple. There is no possible way that I can be blown off my bike from 30 mph gusts in my garage. Lets face it, it sucks, but I can slap my favorite helmet cam footage from races and have at it. It really isnt too bad, once you are used to it. On second thought, according to my blog title-I am a moron, so take nothing that I say seriously.

The key to being a true trainer master is time. Don't look at a watch, dont listen to music-No music! Why you say, I am glad you asked. It is simple; I know that Turning Japanese-by the Vapors is 3:24 in length. I also know that I'm too Sexy, by Right Said Fred is 2:54 in duration-are you catching on? Time, man all about time. By the way, bite me if you don't like my musical tastes. There is nothing cooler than a bodybuilder prancing around in leather saying; in an English ascent- I'm too sexy for my hat. I still wear hats, but my hat is too sexy for me.

I look at this way; the trainer is a true test of one's mental state. Not only are you testing your body physically, but psychologically as well; just like a race. Your mind has to stay focused on the task at hand. If you can get through an hour+ on the trainer, you can tackle anything that a race course can throw at you.