Thursday, February 10, 2011

Making Descisions

2010 AFC Sugar Hill SS Open and a cool 7th
Well, I have been thinking on this for some time now. Moving to the Expert/Open SS class...well-FOREVER! MMM HA HA HA HA-Sorry, that is my Dr. Evil laugh. I won a few races last year and had enough top 5's to make me an official sandbagger this year. I dabbled in expert class last year and had descent success, including a 7th. So now that I have nailed my routine down-I think, it is time to bring it! I know a few other "mature" monocoggers that are in their 40's as well that race in the expert class. I do have to admit that I will miss giving it to the geared guys, though. Especially the younger one's! I will still do the 9 and 12 hour stuff against those guys I guess.

I will be 44 this year so it won't be easy, but I am feeling really fresh right now;probably the best I have ever felt. I am down to 178lbs. 475 base miles since January 1. I wont start any interval stuff until the end of february. I made the mistake of starting them too early last year and my mid season wasn't as crisp as the early and later parts of the season. I did rebound to finish 4th overall in the Cranky Monkey Series, though.

AFC Sugar Hill is coming up in March, and this is one of my favorites. Usually brings out the tougher SSers. I have Bernie to deal with and he is 50, but quick and steady. I am hoping to have the new Trek 29er Kit by then to show off the new and lighter bod! Anyway, I have a date with a stationary bike. Till next time-keep rockin' the big hoops! Oh, I found this nice pic from the cyclocross archives! That's right you weaklings this is about riding, not running!! Have fun.