Tuesday, February 8, 2011

You Don't get Flats on Trainers!

How on earth do you have 15 feet of pavement on either side of you and still manage to get a 1/2 screw in your tire? That is what cut my ride short on sunday. Luckily, I was a mile from my sisters and was able to get a ride home. This, folks is why I love the trainer. Yeah, for some it can become a race as to who can stay conscious the longest, but for me-I love it. Controlled, steady and it really does train your mental state-as if I needed to remind you. So today it is back for another 25 miler on my stationary friend. AFC Sugar Hill at Patapsco is a month away and they added 2 miles and more climbing. Still debating as to run my usual 32/18 or maybe 32/19 on the singlespeed. I will be running the steel ferrous-huh that's an oxymoron in leu of my beloved superflySS.