Saturday, March 5, 2011

Almost Forgot

Today was the first time on the mountain bike since january 22nd. Wasnt sure if i knew how it operated after all this time. My technical skills were a little rough, but quickly came back to me-after almost endoing. 18.65 miles at Patapsco and 3500 ft of climbing. Legs felt pretty good. HR got to 193 only once, havent pushed that hard in while, probably since last year. Riding the Superfly SS with 32/18 gearing and 700mm wide bars. Started intervals this week, so legs were probably not 100%.

Rode with Auggie and Dan (also a 29er Crew Dude). Dan is pretty fast and 145lbs and 23 and single and all the time in the world to train. Stayed with him, though. eight is now at 181 lbs., so I am at race weight. Wish I were 30 pounds lighter.

Thats 145 miles for the week so far-tomorrow will be a light day for sure. Next saturday is the AFC Sugar Hill race at Patapsco, so I will take it a little easier this week with a few intervals and light riding. Finished 7th last year in a very tough field. This year they added-why?-2 more mile to the course. 23.5 total. Uh...I think it will be fun.