Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

I decided to take 3 days off since the Patapsco race. My legs needed some down time anyway. Did some tempos last night just to mix it up a bit. 2 x 20's with warm up and cool downs came out to 1:10. Legs felt about 95%, so pretty good. Tonight I will get back with my Steady Power Intervals. I feel pretty good right now. One of the tougher races of the year is out of the way. The next really big one is Bakers Dozen. I have decided to do a duo this year. I completed 11 laps and 91.5 miles last year and had 1st place, but had to bow out due to some stiffening of the neck, thats the way it goes sometimes. So some redemption is in order this year. My rep, Jon just delivered some goodies from Trek today. 29.2 team tires, 29.3 team tires, Evoke Ti saddle, socks, gloves, shirts, hats and Rhythm Pro handle bars in 750mm length and all of the goodies needed to complete my Superfly Elite HT frame! Yes, I am building it up as geared bike. I guess I will have to change the blog to "Tales of a Singlespeed Moron who bought a Geared Frame because he is a Moron."