Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not feeling to great

 Eh, tonight was one of those nights that just wasnt up to par. Doing my steady power intervals was not something I was looking forward to either, but they are done and other than the last interval, it wasnt to bad. The last one, my cadence dropped from 105 to 103. Not horrible, but not great.

Tomorrow is a rest day-thank God. Taking the kids swimming at college. I also start working at my old bike shop again-Bicycle Connection Express. Little bit of a pay cut, but one can only take so much corporate gray and artificial people.

Doing a nice long mtb ride with some friends-for whatever reason-are using me for training advice on the SS. I hope they realize by my title what they are getting themselves into! I did get to try my new Evoke saddle tonight and I am liking it so far. I will have a nicer write up in about a month.

Next race is Bakers Dozen and the great thing and bad thing about this course is that it has about 200 ft of elevation per lap. Not a very nice number for monocogging. Oh well, I will have my Superfly HT by then and I just might ride it!