Friday, March 25, 2011

Just Stoopid Pics

2009 Fisher Ferrous

32/18 gearing. 22.7 lbs. This is my favorite by far. Just feels right. Like the third bowl of porridge. Not as light as my Superfly, but makes up for it on the rougher stuff. Just upgraded to Bontrager Rhythm Pro 750mm wide bars. All my rides will soon have these as well.

2008 Fisher Ferrous

32/19 gearing. 22.9 lbs. This was my first Fisher 29er. I repainted it with the original devo blue (Krylon Rustoleum) and updated 2009 decals. Got a few paint requests when others saw how a spray paint can could look better than the original. Just takes time. Made in the USA, 2009 was not.

2009 Fisher Superfly SS

32/18 gearing. 18.8 lbs. This is just plain great. Full carbon, light, fast. By far the best Fisher graphics ever. Also has the 29er Crew "XXIX" branding on the down tube. First race resulted in 1st place, need I say more? Have raced this bike 6 times, 6 podiums.