Saturday, March 26, 2011

I feel Good-Thank you James Brown

Today showed me how well my training program is going thus far-You liked “thus far”, didnt you?-I knew it. My training in the past has been haphazard at best. Sure, I had good success last year, but most of that was attributed to my overall fitness level, too. 3 children, full time job, laundry, cooking-eh sorry. December I decided, if I am going to keep up with the youngins’ in the expert SS field at my age, I had better figure something out-and quick. So I put in 1200 base miles and started intervals in march. Last year, being the moron that I am, I did intervals in January and February with 0 base miles-BRILLIANT! Way to snatch defeat out of the hands of victory, idiot!

Anyway…Had a pretty good finish last week at Patapsco with a 3rd in the expert SS class. Didnt feel great at the end which had me a little worried about my plan. Wasnt sure if all of this was working or not. Well, I think todays ride confirmed that it is working; and well. How do I know this? My max HR is 200. During most of my races last year, I was in the high 190′s most of the time. Last weeks race saw a 191. Todays ride, doing much of the same course with more climbing saw a high of…188! That was reached only once on the first climb. The second time through ridge, which if you have ridden Patapsco, you know that ridge is a SSers nightmare reached 183. My average was 155. Now I know most of are reading this thinking who gives a crap…I do and if you are new to racing and/or training, you should too.

Training is not a instant gratification mind set, which is very difficult for me to grasp. Just stick with it and you will get there. Oh, almost forgot. Jon Rogers delivered to me the new Bontrager Evoke3 Ti saddle and had my first MB ride on it today-WOW! Initial thoughts: very comfy for a racing saddle and light. I was really impressed. Saddle arent the thing that thrill me, because you have your old stand by and thats what works. I have a new old standby.