Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First real workout in a while and just plain bantering

Today I finally decided that it was a good idea to get back to the training plan. After sunday's nice 3rd place podium spot at Iron Hill, Delaware, I took yesterday off and got into standing hill repeats tonight on the trainer. I keep the 53/11 combo with the trainer set on high. I do 2 sets of 3 reps of 3 minutes on and 3 minutes easy with 8 minutes rest between sets. I dont have a power meter, so I use cadence as a benchmark. I try to keep between 61-65 rpms. If you want to try these, keep in mind that if you start to see a 10% decline in power, you should stop the intervals. You really wont gain any jumps in your fitness by pushing on, just wearing yourself down. Are morons allowed to give advice? What do I care, I'm a moron!

At the race, I started off fast, which is not normally my thing and by the third lap, my thighs were a little tight. I hadnt done any real interval work in the 2 weeks leading up to the race, so I figure-being a moron that I am-that was expected.

Anyway, this year has been going extremely well; with training and racing 2 podiums so far. I have definitely seen major improvements in my overall fitness level and maintaining power during races and training rides. My road riding has been, do I dare I have been hitting a 15 mile loop around work in the mornings and never using the 39t ring. Being a singlespeed moron, I have found that staying in the 53/15 (I have a 11-21 cluster in the rear) and standing on the climbs has really improved my monocog climbing abilities.

So that is it for now. 12 hours of Quantico is coming up in 2 weeks, so I guess I should keep training. Oh, almost forgot; I now have my rigid fork for my Sawyer, so I will be taking it out this week. I am wringing my hands together like a mad scientist right now, but you cant see me because I cant type in video...yet!