Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gunpowder Ride

Today was by far and away the best I have felt all year. Even during the 10 minute downpour. I was a little concerned with the fatigue I have been feeling as of late. I was almost thinking I have been over training. My legs just havent felt all that great.

Today dispelled all of that. Climbs didnt feel like climbs at all. It was the "sweet spot" of cycling. Like hitting a baseball in just the right spot on the bat where it feels as if you didnt hit anything; thats the feeling on the bike. I felt as if I had much more power in the reserves, but never had to use it. HR reached a mere 185, and that was at the very beginning up a pretty long and technical climb. After that, it settled in at around 165-170's. This is a very good sign. Power without elevated HR-good thing. Funny, after riding the 24.5lb Sawyer, my Superfly felt amazing. After 2years on this thing, I am still amazed how it performs.

By comparison, here is almost the same exact loop (minus the warm up). HR was 198 with an average of 160. 20 minutes faster with 4 extra miles and a 1 mph increase in speed. The moving speed is a bit off due to my Garmin 305 not being cooperative. So if you think a little extra hard riding doesnt do anything, here is proof. Old guys can get faster!

Anyway, I hope this feeling continues for 12 hours of Quantico on the 25th.