Friday, June 10, 2011

Trek Sawyer-First Impressions Part 2

Now we are talkin'
Ok, I had my first "epic" 20 miler on the Sawyer on wednesday. My fork finally arrived and I have to say Hoo Rah. That is just what the docta ordered. It just looks the part now. Comes in at 24lbs and 9 oz. I have some more goodies to throw on it, but for the sake of an accurate review, I have decide to keep it on the heavy side.

So, for those of you interested, my second ride on the Sawyer started on a high note as opposed to the "I dont want to ride this lead sled" attitude on the first outing. I rode the full Loch Raven loop at race pace-ish or so to get a true feel of how this bike handles.
Dont know the purpose, but it looks cool.

Now this isnt going to make sense to those of you riding a suspension fork, but those of us that choose to use "arm-leg absorbers and a rigid, it will make perfect sense. This bike handles much better with the rigid fork that it did with the Reba. The Reba is a great fork, but not for me. It soaked up smaller bumps very well and handled the larger stuff too. I felt very comfortable and in control on this bike on this longer ride. As I stated before, this bike is very plush for a rigid ride. The fork seemed to bring it all together and worked in a harmonious concerto with just the right tempo. Yeah, that's right-I like classical music! There are a few steep climbs that I could feel a little burn, but again it is 5lbs heavier than what I am used to riding. That being said, it climbed very well. A nice balanced feel. No bouncy front end and good traction. The fork is of the G2 variety, meaning it has a 51mm offset as opposed to the traditional 46. This means in theory it will handle like a 26er in the tight stuff. Does it work? I will say it does feel a little quicker than a traditional 29er in the tight singletrack.

I have to say that I really enjoy this bike. I will keep you posted as I have fun upgrading this puppy. So for now, go to your local Trek dealer a give one a ride. It does come as geared only, but if you like to visit the pain cave and let your freak flag fly, go single. Enjoy!