Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Getting ready for Fountainhead and Cross Season

2 saturdays from today will be the final race of the Cranky Monkey series. I am leading with 75 points and looking good to maybe, but not certain, but a real good possibility to be the first time I win a series. As always, Fountainhead is a tough course. Very technical, as I found out last year, not water bottle friendly either.
I have already signed up for 3 cross races and the first is always the best-Charm City Cross. 688 registered so far. If you have never raced cross, think of it as climbing the steepest hill for 40 minutes at maximum effort, oh and through in some mud, sand, barriers and run ups. Last year I just did a few to stay in shape for winter, but I wasnt in the greatest shape at the time so it didnt work. I did place in the middle of the races, so not bad for not really going all out.

This year will certainly be different; goals are to finish top 10, which is great considering 120 people are in the group. So the Poprad is ready to go. I love this bike;cross, road or mountain, this is just a great riding ox II platinum steel bike. Comes in at 18 pounds 11 oz. Tonight are intervals and tomorrow, a 60+ mile road ride to get some endurance in. Over and out.