Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I havent ridden a road bike this long since...

Well I did a 60 miler today, probably not smart after a night of intervals, but still averaged 19.2 mph with 5500 ft of climbing-hoo rah! I used to do the Chesapeake Bay Bike Tour from 1995-2001, doing the century on saturday and 44 miles on sunday. So it has been some time for the long rides. With the new bike, I feel much faster and stronger. Of course, these are necessary ingredients for riding longer, duh.

The bike handled great, but the head wind back was horrible. It was a struggle to even go 20 mph downhill. All told, it was a great ride overall, and one that I really need to do.

The Sram Red stuff is just plain awesome. Perfect shifting every time. No need to ease past the click to actually shift, like that name that rhymes with piano or mano-a-mano, or, eh whatever.

Back is much better, now. No stiffness today.  Taking the day off tomorrow to recoup from the last 2 days.